Helping people with mild dementia to navigate their day


Which one of our four interest areas do you think is the most important to improve the life of a person suffering dementia?
Help he/she to remember
Help on maintaining social contacts
Help on performing daily life activities
Enhance their feeling of safety
Total votes: 73



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It is estimated that by 2050 one-third of Europe’s population will be over 60. Life expectancy has on average already risen by 2.5 years per decade and the number of old people aged 80+ is expected to grow by 180%.

Nowadays, there are 5.5 million cases of Alzheimer-afflicted people in Europe and more new cases being added every year. In fact, Alzheimer disease has been called the ‘plague of the 21st century’. There is currently no cure for this disease; however, prevention and early diagnosis may play a huge role in delaying the onset of the worst effects of this severe disease.

The challenging aim of our three-year STREP project, which commenced in September 2006, is to breakthrough with research that addresses the needs of those with dementia, particularly those with mild dementia in Europe.

This entails cognitive reinforcement and may be expressed as the social objectives of our research for the needs of people with dementia, helping people to remember, maintain social contact, perform daily life activities and enhance their feelings of safety.

On the other hand, the aim of the project is to develop solutions that help ageing people with early dementia to experience greater autonomy and feelings of empowerment and to enjoy and enhanced quality of life.

We have published a video explaining the COGKNOW concept, and can be accessed, as other documents, in the Document section.

26thJune 9:30-16:30 - European-level Business Opportunity Workshop at the Excelsior Hotel, Malta








The event in Malta will now focus on the commercialisation of the product and our aim is attracting several businesses and investors from Europe that are working in the same telecare and ehealth area. We want to establish a business opportunity together in order to move forward from demonstration to finished product that can be sold in several European countries. Around 50 people are expected at the event and the format will be similar to round table discussions and workshops. There will also be a demo area where we will prepare a home-like environment in order to show case COGKNOW in its full glory to the audience.

The event will be free of charge including lunch and networking dinner on one of the most beautiful shores of the Maltese islands. A parallel agenda for accompanying persons will be created and since the event is hosted on Friday, for those wishing to stay over the weekend, there will be also two days packed of adventure and cultural events.

Special rates have been obtained at the Excelsior Hotel which will be the venue of the event. For more information and booking please contact Ms Kerry Freeman on [email protected] or book from AcrossLimits website by clicking here.



08:30  Welcome Coffee and Registration

09:00  Introduction by Angele GIULIANO, AcrossLimits

09:15  Keynote speech by Maltese Ministry for Health

09:30  Opportunities for Connected Health in Europe - COGKNOW Representative

09:40  Public and private funding for eHealth solutions - Business Angels, Malta Enterprise

        10:15  Coffee break

10:30  Group discussion - Commonalities and Differences between the ICT health markets in the different countries

11:30  COGKNOW: The project, the consortium and its results - Johan E. BENGTSSON, CDH, and Ricardo CASTELLOT, Telefonica I+D

12:15  Demonstration session - Chris NUGENT, University of Ulster

        12:45  Lunch

14:00  COGKNOW Business model, critical questions from business assessment workshops - Timber HAAKER, Novay

14:30  Conclusions from morning discussion - Rapporteurs

14:45  Group discussion - On the way forward in a commercial environment for COGKNOW

        15:30  Coffee break

15:45  Continued discussion

16:15  Plenary with summary of discussions and moving forward - Angele GIULIANO

17:00  End of the seminar

        20:30  Networking dinner at Westin Dragonara Resort, St. Julians, Malta



For more information, please contact Ms Angele Giuliano on [email protected]


COGKNOW is funded by the European Comission within the IST-2005/2006-2.5.11 (Unit H3 - eInclusion) Contract #034025

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