Helping people with mild dementia to navigate their day


Which one of our four interest areas do you think is the most important to improve the life of a person suffering dementia?
Help he/she to remember
Help on maintaining social contacts
Help on performing daily life activities
Enhance their feeling of safety
Total votes: 73



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Aging in America - 2010 Annual Conference of the National Council on Aging and the American Society on Aging

Aging in America, the 2010 Annual Conference of the National Council on Aging and the American Society on Aging is recognized as:

  • a showcase for programs and projects that can be replicated,
  • a forum for policy discussion and advocacy, and
  • a prime source of information on new research findings in aging

It is the largest gathering of a diverse, multidisciplinary community of professionals from the fields of aging, healthcare and education.

Join us to find the answers, the experts, the research, the best practices, and the most comprehensive educational offerings available to professionals. The conference provides attendees with the opportunity to network with new and old friends, gain insight from voices from the front line and find new grassroots and national partners for advocacy.

Call for Presentations is now Open!
Deadline: June 29 2009

You are invited to propose a workshop or poster session for 2010 Aging in America by clicking on this link and following these steps:

Step 1: Create a presenter profile as instructed on the proposal site
Step 2: Watch for an email with your login credentials for the site
Step 3: Log in to create a proposal for a poster or workshop session

Click here for Instructions (printable), including Tips for Submission

Click here to view the Topic Areas for 2010 Presentation Proposals.

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