Helping people with mild dementia to navigate their day


Which one of our four interest areas do you think is the most important to improve the life of a person suffering dementia?
Help he/she to remember
Help on maintaining social contacts
Help on performing daily life activities
Enhance their feeling of safety
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Give the gift of memory

Nowadays it is considered that about 25 millions of people suffer Alzheimer in the world, and probably in the next 20 years, 70 millions of new cases will be registered.

AFAL_logotipoAFALcontigo (AFALwith_you) was born as an Association of Relatives of Alzheimer’s Patients in Madrid (Spain) in 1989, from the desire of a group of patients’ relatives of obtaining information and support in a time when Alzheimer’s disease was almost not known. This association is currently of national scope, is declared of public utility and works together with the federated structure of the associations of Alzheimer’s patients’ relatives that already exist all over Spain.

AFALcontigo under the motto “YOUR PATIENT RELIES ON YOU, YOU RELY ON US”, has the mission of supporting biomedical investigation that searches the causes of Alzheimer’s and other dementias and giving the best quality of life to both the patient and their carer family. AFALcontigo spends its efforts to the INFORMATION, FORMATION, ASSESSMENT and SUPPORT to relatives and persons close to the sufferers, as well as REPRESENTATION of the collective of affected persons by Alzheimer’s and other dementias.

In order to achieve these purposes, AFALcontigo schedules yearly a series of activities such as:

  • Information and diffusion activities.
  • Formation activities.
  • Supportive activities for both patient and carer.
  • Representation and defence activities of patients and their relatives’ interests.

Mermoy Stick AFALThe last initiative launched by this association to help those persons that suffer this terrible ailment is the USB 1Gb bracelet of Memories. Because, as they say, “what you ate yesterday, your side of the bed, your home address, your football team, the place of spoons, reading, writing, your name, your family… everything disappears from your mind when Alzheimer appears”; AFALcontigo asks for collaboration to try to overcome it.

According to them, “whenever you buy a USB memory stick, you achieve Alzheimer erases less memories”. The device with 1Gb of memory is embedded in a blue flexible silicone bracelet with 208x17x2.8mm of size and a weight of about 17.17gr.


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