Helping people with mild dementia to navigate their day


Which one of our four interest areas do you think is the most important to improve the life of a person suffering dementia?
Help he/she to remember
Help on maintaining social contacts
Help on performing daily life activities
Enhance their feeling of safety
Total votes: 73

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The Documents area is split up into four sub-sections:

  • Throughout the duration of the COGKNOW project, a number of deliverables will be made public. These will be available to download from the Public Deliverables section of the project site.
  • The Scientific Output section will contain various information and downloads on various research output areas.
  • Publicity Material is a key dissemination instrument in this project, more information and downloads are available from this section.
  • An archive of all related Press Releases will be kept here.

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COGKNOW is funded by the European Comission within the IST-2005/2006-2.5.11 (Unit H3 - eInclusion) Contract #034025

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